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Author: Greg Nelson

The stars came out at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards ceremony recently presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The glitzy gala awards presentation honored the very best films and performances of 2009.

As usual, the night was highlighted by many of the world’s biggest stars of the big screen. The royal red carpet was abuzz with Hollywood celebrities in search of the industry’s most prized award – the Oscar.

For weeks leading up to the big event, there was much gossip and speculation on who would walk away with the golden statue for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, and many of the other high profile categories. And the list of stars vying for those awards was staggering. In the end, it was those big stars who created the biggest stir.

The Hurt Locker from Kathryn Bigelow was honored as the year’s best picture. Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock walked away with Oscars for best actor and actress in a leading role.

Yet while those individuals captured the biggest headlines, the Academy also honors a wide variety of other categories. Those winners receive the same exquisite golden Oscar.

Budding filmmakers in particular are honored with three different “short” film categories. In the category of Short Documentary, the Oscar was won by Roger Ross Williams and Elinor Burkett for their 33 minute film titled, “Music by Prudence.”

The very first film by Williams, the documentary tells the story of Prudence Mabhena, a disabled singer from Zimbabwe who overcame disability and hardship to form her own musical band. Mabhena suffers from a crippling joint disease called arthrogryposis which left her without legs and only one twisted hand. Yet despite those immense disabilities, she and some other disabled musicians formed a very successful Afro-Fusion band called Liyana. For more on the film, visit

In the category of Best Live Action Short, the Oscar was awarded to Joachim Back and Tivi Magnusson for their film, “The New Tenants.” And in the category for Best Animated Short, the winner was Nicholas Schmerkin for “Logorama.”

Although the Shorts feature films that seldom make it past film festival circuits or receive any wide distribution, winning an Oscar still creates wide recognition for the winners and the other nominees. It is recognition well deserved for the scores of filmmakers young and old who are out striving for success each and every day.

Of course, you don’t have to watch the Academy Awards to see high quality short films and webisodes. In fact, you can catch the works of many talented filmmakers by simply logging on to The rapidly growing Web site allows filmmakers to post their works for all to see. And it offers viewers an opportunity to give out their own individual Oscars by rating and reviewing any of the films and webisodes that are posted. There is simply no better way for a budding filmmaker to get immediate public feedback while fine tuning the fine art of creating interesting, intriguing films.

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