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5: What
Author: Damon Young

You never know who you're going to meet waiting in line at Comic-Con. In my case, it was Frank Zanca, a fellow indie filmmaker. We traded stories and swapped movies - in his case, the indie comic turned web series "Shadow Raven" - and connected on MySpace (back when we were all still using MySpace). And that was pretty much that. Fast forward about two years, and I get a call from Frank that he's since started his own independent web series channel, Stay Tuned TV, and that "5" has gained a whole new fanbase on that site. So much so that we were actually nominated for Best Short Film in their inaugural award show for the network. In his words, if Tubefilter's Webby Awards are the Oscars of online content, he hopes to turned Stay Tuned TV into the medium's Independent Spirit Awards. Talk about viral. :-) And then, of course, we won that night! Who knew? :-) If you're watching the fan page, you'll see I've added a few pics from the event, the majority of which you can find on Stay Tuned TV's page right here on Facebook. They tell me the video will be available soon. But, I'd also like to take a moment to send a shoutout to my tablemates from the event, and fellow winners - writer/director Kirk Murray and his leading lady, Kelly Marchand, who also took home some hardware for their no-budget thriller "30 Seconds From Oblivion". You can check them out online at I also had the pleasure of chatting it up with fellow Losties and kindred web comedians Michael Ashley & Valerie Shepherd, creators of the webisode series "Bad Love" - www/ - which is, well, just wrong in all the right ways. In short, it was a good time all around, and I still can't believe what a life this little movie has had. Thanks again to everyone who keeps supporting us, and double thanks to the cast & crew who put in the work to make it a reality.
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