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What is the METAPHOR of the OIL SPILL in our personal lives?
Author: Tamara Henry

Mother Earth is an anthropomorphological being she has a soul called GAIA addicted to oil, a stupid corner we painted ourselves into we must hit bottom to wake up it's time for an intervention from this crisis will come opportunity to change we need a searching moral inventory and then to make a living amends the exciting thing is we all can start right here at home by cleaning up our own inner toxicity rooting out negative thoughts and negative low energy vibrations

i realized Dorit's METAPHOR afterward What does the oil spill represent in our lives? What is it a metaphor for in my own life? my temporary bandaid is The Master Cleanse my addiction is that I'm using food i have an addiction to unhealthy food choices most of my food is not clean energy

"Eating processed junk foods is like taking the blue pill because it keeps you trapped in a fabricated reality where your life experiences are fabricated by consumer product companies who hijack your senses with designer chemicals that fool your brain into thinking you're eating real food." Just ask the FBI and the FDA.

i have been abusing food i have been using food (unwittingly) to numb my connection to Mother Earth to clog my channel so i was separate from her no longer in the garden of eden no longer tuned in, healed, whole and ONE with her i had become disempowered and numb i had my basic senses but i had lost my more subtle sense of intuition i believe the way we will heal the planet is through clean ways of living clean fuel in our bodies and in our transportation clean thoughts in our minds clean chakras and hearts eco consciousness that's what green means to me a deep spiritual message was slipped in to me tonight through the entertainment we were channeling and i didn't even know it until afterward my experience tonight was literally HEAVEN ON EARTH thank you Stahsha there is magical energy in your studio in Dorit's class on NVC Non Violent Communication which is on Fridays at 2pm at 5858 Wilshire i didn't get any of what she was teaching until i got home hindsight is 20/20 and the message gets secretly slipped in while my senses are distracted and if it can reach my intuition on a deeper level just like i talk about in my OWN Show Oprah Audition for OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network : i am blown away at the synchro-destiny that is unfolding we are angels ushering in something very sacred through crisis there is opportunity and we are ushering it in.

" like an enormous crystal. Every form, every possible expression, is but a facet of that same one Jewel. Within its own context, each aspect appears complete and whole. Yet each flicker of brightness, like pieces of a huge puzzle, reaches beyond its horizon to someday join with that Greater Light..... The Time of RECONNECTION, REMEMBERING, HEALING, WHOLENESS, ONENESS....."

The world of energetic medicine in science we are entering into is going to become the new model of life. We are becoming an energetic species. Our language is turning to energy. Our research is turing to energy. Our entire consciousness is shifting from matter over energy to energy before matter. Our outer condition is a reflection of inner reality. Physical reality is a metaphor for inner consciousness. You can't clean up the situations by putting a badaid on them. Change comes from cleaning up our inner toxicity. The thing that changes in the health world, is the capacity to actually strengthen the mind and the spirit. Where the rubber meets the road. The only real true place that we have any real power. In our consciousness, our energy and our vibration where we we hold our perception. Not just to know more about these metaphysical Truths, but to live them. And that`s the level of spirit that can say to a cancer cell or an oil spill, return back to your original and highest vibration. And spirit is strong enough to take that command/intention and convert it into biological truth. --Caroline Myss, PhD. & Tamara Henry, M.A.

The ultimate stuff of the universe is consciousness. Mind or consciousness is primary, and matter-energy arises out of universal mind, or infinite intelligence. Individual human minds are not separated. Ultimately, reality is contacted, not through the physical senses, but through the deep intuition. The impact of this shift will be as great as have been the effects of the scientific revolution. (Like when man first discovered fire.) The new metaphysic will bring fundamental transformation of modern society. It is impossible to create a well-working society on a knowledge base that is fundamentally inadequate, seriously incomplete, and mistaken in basic assumptions. Yet that is precisely what the modern world has been trying to do. If these surmises are correct and the metaphysical assumptions underlying modern society are shifting at the same deep level that they did at the time of the scientific revolution, then the "trans-modern" society of the twenty-first century is likely to be as different from modern society as that is from medieval times. -- Willis W. Harman

I learned that knowing about Love is not as important as knowing how to Love. I think as we evolve, our families will have been wounded enough by the absence of Love, that they will have used their mental faculties to learn about Love, until they are able to live Love and then they will hand it down in its pure form. So, I believe that we are not only polishing ourselves as humans, but we are polishing Love itself. -- TH

My "word" for 2010 is VISION. It's more than just using the rods and cones in my iris. I can see with my soul. The eyes of my eyes are opening. ~remember who you are~

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