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STTV Awards Banquet-June, 2010
Author: Greg Nelson

The future of television is alive and well and in very good hands. That much was clearly evident if you attended the inaugural STTV 2010 Awards show sponsored by is a rapidly growing Web site designed specifically to provide small budget and individual film enthusiasts an opportunity to have their film shorts and webisodes aired to the world while also offering instant public feedback. STTV allows everyone an opportunity to be a producer, a director, a star or even a critic!

To date, the ever-increasing number of webisodes in a variety of genres and an expanding viewer base proves that Stay Tuned TV is providing a winning formula for everyone.

After a highly successful first year in which tens of thousands of Web viewers watched and voted for their favorite webisodes, the best of the best were rewarded with an STTV Award.

The awards ceremony was held at the Marriott in Burbank, CA with celebrity emcee and host Todd Bridges from the television series, Diff’rent Strokes and Everybody Hates Chris. Winners were determined in a wide number of categories and genres and chosen by an online vote. To see how you can help determine next year’s winners, and to see video highlights of the festivities as well as Red Carpet interviews, visit You can also view the award-winning entries.

StayTunedTV is truly the future of television. You can log in and watch the shows you want, when you want – all at no cost and all from your computer. So log in, view the webisodes that interest you and rate your favorites.

For those who want to do more than simply watch, StayTunedTV is your source for capturing attention to your own webisodes. Upload your film to StayTunedTV, then sit back and see how viewers rate it. You don’t need a massive budget to produce great work. STTV’s award winning productions are all the proof you need. There is no better or easier way for a budding actor or filmmaker to get immediate public attention and feedback.

STTV 2010 Award Winners

Best Comedy The Actor Diaries, Kate VanDevender

Best Action/Drama Dead End City, Jeff Varga

Best Spin-Off Star Wars: Pink 5, Trey Stokes

Best Actor in an Action/Drama James Huang, ATF: Asian Task Force

Best Actor in a Comedy Don Stark, Greatest American Hero

Best Actress in an Action/Drama Kelly Merchand, :30 Seconds from Oblivion

Best Actress in a Comedy Kate VanDevender, The Actor Diaries

Best Short 5:00, Damon Young

Best Director Trey Stokes, Star Wars: Pink 5

Best Hosted Show Green T, Tamara Henry

Best Special Effects Star Wars: Pink 5, Trey Stokes

Best Trailer Peace, Mike Doto

Best Documentary/Reenactment Discovering Jacob, Michael Goldsmith

Viewer’s Choice Awards

Best Comedy – Greatest American Hero

Best Action/Drama – :30 Seconds from Oblivion

Best Actor in a Comedy – Allen Rueckert, Greatest American Hero

Best Actress in a Comedy – Brittany Ross, Greatest American Hero

Best Actor in an Action/Drama – Gary Graham, Dead End City

Best Actress in an Action/Drama – Mandy May, Dead End City

Best Comedy Director – Mitch Yapko – Greatest American Hero

Best Comedy Writer – Gary Teperman & Alice Cutler, Saving Rent Best Comedy Writer – Angela Landis, Misadventures in Matchmaking

Best Action/Drama Director – Jeff Varga, Dead End City

Best Action/Drama Writer – Kirk Murray, :30 Seconds from Oblivion

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