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Have It Your Way
Author: Greg Nelson

Way back in 1974, fast food giant Burger King introduced its slogan “Have it your way” to the world. The highly successful tag line was the burger chain’s claim to fame as it tried to differentiate itself from rival McDonalds. Today, the words have it your way ring true in almost every part of our daily lives. From cell phone applications and computer systems to Internet shopping and music downloads, virtually every company now allows consumers to have it their way in an ever-competitive environment and a never-ending battle for customers and market share. The have it your way mentality has also provided great advantages to consumers when it comes to movies and television. Never before have so many choices been available to so many people at such competitive pricing. With the advent of cable, consumers can now choose from hundreds of cable and satellite television channels and packages. Entire networks can now be exclusively dedicated to a single subject or format. Movies are no different. While movie lovers can still go the traditional route and visit their local theatre to see the latest releases. But a wide variety of other options are also available. Movies can be rented from the corner video store, from online retailers such as NetFlix, or even rented from vending style machines such as Redbox. It seems that the choices are virtually limitless and the convenience is unmatched. The industry continues to look for newer and better ways to deliver entertainment directly to the consumer. The Internet continues to be another hot resource for delivering entertainment, from feature films to television episodes and movie webisodes. And there is no absolutely no better place than the Internet if you want to “have it your way.” Millions of people around the word continue to post content and view entertainment across the Internet on places like Facebook, YouTube and many other Web sites. One of the hottest new sites for quality movie webisodes is The site offers a variety of movie shorts and webisodes in a number of different genres, including action, adventure, drama, comedy, horror, mystery, romance and more. literally puts consumers in the driver’s seat. Site visitors have the option to upload their own videos and webisodes for others to see, or to simply log in and enjoy the video content at no charge. It’s truly an opportunity to have it your way! Better yet, the site also incorporates a hands-on, interactive component that allows users to not only watch webisodes, but to cast their vote on their favorites. Each show posted is rated by the viewing audience with the best receiving more prominent space on the site and an opportunity to win quarterly cash prizes. When it comes to the entertainment industry, you really can have it your way. Hold the onions!
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