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What’s your favorite Christmas movie?
Author: Greg Nelson

It seems that as long as there have been movies, there have been favorite holiday Hollywood moments to remember. The long list of holiday and Christmas movies is filled with special scenes and unforgettable memories. In fact, a look back at Christmas movies provides a wide variety of genres – everything from romance and comedies to dark comedies and even action/adventure films. One thing is certain; almost every list of top Christmas movies includes the epic tale A Christmas Story. In this nostalgic look at Christmas in Americana, no one will ever forget a young boy’s quest for a Red Ryder BB gun, the sexy leg lamp or the triple dog dare…a tongue frozen to a flagpole in the schoolyard. Another long enduring Christmas favorite – It’s a Wonderful Life – was a relative flop at the box office. Yet today it remains a staple on cable TV throughout the holiday season, and a beloved testament to the most basic elements of Christmas bliss: family, friends and the joy of life. Meanwhile, another old Hollywood classic, Miracle on 34th Street continues to make everyone a believer in Santa. There is no particular rhyme or reason behind what makes for a popular Christmas movie. And often, remakes or takeoffs of other holiday classics find their way into the hearts of movie-goers. There’s no single moment that pulls at the heartstrings more than hearing young Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol deliver the line, “God Bless us, every one.” Yet the holiday comedy Scrooged with Bill Murray walks a line that is both offbeat and fun. Speaking of offbeat…The Nightmare Before Christmas offers everything from sleigh bells to shrunken heads. This ghoulish Tim Burton classic provides both a sweet fable for children and the torture of dear old Santa Clause. Of course, comedy of all sorts also remains as much a part of Christmas as gingerbread houses. Home Alone once ruled the box office for 12 straight weeks as Macualay Culkin showed the world how an 8-year-old boy can single-handedly beat down some bungling Christmas burglars. Chevy Chase also paid comedic homage to the holidays in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation via a never ending string of sight gags and one-liners aimed at the traditional “family Christmas.” Two movies also took a little different view of Santa. The Santa Clause with Tim Allen, offers a jolly story of a family man that accidentally kills Kris Kringle and unwillingly becomes Santa himself. Then there’s Bad Santa, a true black comedy about a Santa who offers up vulgarity, promiscuity and more. Christmas movies have also produced a steady stream of music. Today, we still dream of a White Christmas… as once crooned by Bing Crosby. And the soundtrack to the newest children’s classic, The Polar Express, offers plenty of music made for the holidays. One of the most unusual “Christmas” movies is the action-adventure epic Die Hard with Bruce Willis. Watching him single-handedly destroy a small army of terrorists in a sky scraper on Christmas Eve is sure to put everyone in the Christmas spirit! Everyone has their own opinion of what makes for a great Christmas movie. And now you can express your own opinion on movies, shorts and webisodes every day of the year by visiting
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