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Action films continue to explode at the box office
Author: Greg Nelson

Violence, explosions, car chases and cutting edge special effects. Those are just some of the key elements for a successful action film. An action film is just that – full of action. In fact, what traditional action genre films lack in storyline, dialogue or good acting is more than made up for through non-stop physical action and explosive excitement.

In short, action is almost all the matters. Forget any Oscar nominations. It’s the fast and furious pace and edge of your seat thrills that make action films a box office success.

Early action films from the 1940s and 1950d portrayed plenty of fighting in the form of war movies and clashes between cowboys and Indians. But boy have times changed over the years.

While action films seldom earn much in the way of critical praise, they continue to be a regular and highly reliable box office bonanza for Hollywood’s movie studios.

Combat movies continue to be a popular action genre entity, ranging from traditional war movies such as Saving Private Ryan to greater historical events portrayed in films such as 300. One battle movie that did earn plenty of accolades was the 1959 epic, Ben Hur starring Charleton Heston. The classic car chase was replaced by runaway chariots, but the film still garnered 11 Oscars.

From long-ago history to futuristic space age, the action film has long mixed excitement with science fiction to provide extraordinary battles amidst the stars of far off galaxies. Star Wars not only provided a ton of action and adventure, but it kicked off a worldwide phenomenon centered around spaceship battles, light sabers and laser blasters.

Another classic space battle occurred in Alien, featuring Sigourney Weaver taking on a hideous alien on her spaceship. Meanwhile, going back in time, Jurassic Park made big box office news with its edge of the seat action featuring genetically engineered dinosaurs that terrorized a group testing out a very special theme park experiment.

Speed remains another key aspect to the action film and the 1994 movie Speed, starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves offers up one of the most definitive adrenaline pumping thrill rides as they attempt to keep a bus moving at more than 50 mph or else it will blow up (there’s that explosion aspect again).

One of the best examples of action with a variety of comedy thrown in is the thriller, Raiders of the Lost Ark. With creepy spiders, slithering snakes, whips, guns and pure hand to hand fighting, there is plenty of action to go around for all from start to finish.

Of course, when it comes to explosive action, few action films can compare to the real heavyweights such as Lethal Weapon with Mel Gibson and Danny Clover or Die Hard with Bruce Willis, both of which offer plenty of explosive fireworks.

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