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Let your work be seen and your voice be heard!
Author: Greg Nelson

No one has to tell you how important it is to let your voice be heard in your local, state and national elections. I’m simply here to tell you that we want your voice to also be heard when it comes to your favorite types of entertainment.

At your opinion counts! And we want you to log in and rate the best of the best from our ever expanding list of online shows, webisodes and movie shorts. In fact, by viewing and rating your favorites, you can help us decide the winners of our quarterly contests highlighting the most viewed episodes. is truly the future of television, allowing you to watch the shows you want, when you want, right from your computer. With a variety of genres from action, horror and adventure to romance, comedy and animation, there is something for everyone at

Of course, StayTunedTV is not just for viewing. It’s also your opportunity to get your own webisode into the public’s eye. You’ll get immediate feedback as your work can be seen by thousands of online viewers. You’ll know the number of viewers who watch your webisodes and even receive comments and an average viewer rating.

Best of all, StayTunedTV is completely free to you. You can log in anytime and watch your favorite episodes at your convenience. No need to scroll through cable channels. No need to go to the video store or even a movie theater. Just turn on your computer, go to and choose your favorites from our lists of genres. It’s fast, simple and definitely entertaining.

Please don’t be afraid to give us your opinions. And don’t by shy about posting your own videos. We’re here to help advance your career by offering an opportunity to post your work.

Not every film needs a mega budget like Avatar. In fact, many low budget films have made great impacts on the film industry. Perhaps the most notable low budget film was the 1999 thriller The Blair Witch Project that had a budget of just $22,000 yet grossed $248 million worldwide. Other recent low budget success stories include Juno and Napoleon Dynamite.

Now you have the opportunity to create your own films and webisodes at any budget you choose. And will ensure that your work is seen by an interesting cross section of viewers. Not just seen, but rated as well.

The most recent winner of the $500 viewer results competition was Zach and the Bikini Girls… written and directed by Chip Bolcik and featuring the character Zach and his fearless bikini clad troupe of crime fighters.

Remember, is your chance to make your mark as a writer, a director, an actor or even a critic. Now it’s your turn to get online and start making a name for yourself. Get started today at

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