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Episode #11. Safety Geeks - Season Finale

Episode #10. Dusty Buttprints

Episode #9. Meatpacking: A Stripper's Tale

Episode #8. Safety Geeks-Mama's Sweet Love

Episode #7. Safety Geeks: DREAM ON, DREAM ON!

Episode #6. Yes, David Caruso

Episode #5. Okay, He is Really Starting To Smell

Episode #4. Safety Geeks: Poses N Sh_t

Episode #3. A Dangerous Blend

Episode #2. P.O.S.H. Team is Go!

Episode #1. Revealing Lap Dance
Safety Geeks: SVI
Sponsored by KoldCast.TV Sparky reveals her shocking history and Reg's incredible joke is interrupted by an emergency call as the team takes to the air in Safety One...Starring David Beeler Tom Konkle Brittney Powell Mary Cseh Benton Jennings
Producer 1: Tom Konkle Producer 2: David Beeler Director: Roger Tonry
Writer: Tom Konkle & David Beeler Actor 1: Tom Konkle Actor 2: David Beeler
  Actor 3: Brittney Powell Actor 4: Benton Jennings & Mary Cseh

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