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Episode #2. La Fleur de la Bastille Part 2

Episode #1. La Fleur de la Bataille
La Fleur de la Bataille
In 17th century France, the hills are green, social outlook grand, farms are flourishing, and the King is generous. But religious intolerance burns across the and killing and maiming like a firestorm. When a Catholic couple ruthlessly torches the home of a young peasant Protestant family, the only mutually agreed upon theological truth is that the quickest way to God is on the sharp end of a rapier. The most talented film swordsmen and stuntmen in Hollywood assemble for this clash of religion, passion, and remorse.
Producer 1: Mark Edward Lewis Producer 2: Alina Andrei Director: Mark Edward Lewis
Writer: Mark Edward Lewis/Alina Andrei Actor 1: Alina Andrei Actor 2: Lynette Privatasky
  Actor 3: David Dragun Actor 4: Aaron Sherry

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