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Episode #10. Party Girl-Tony Montana

Episode #9. Party Girl-My Own Private Freakdom

Episode #8. Party Girl-Three's Company

Episode #7. Party Girl-Date 6-The Talented Mr. Somebody

Episode #6. Party Girl-Date 5- The Big Squeeze

Episode #5. Party Girl-Date 4- Wonder Women

Episode #4. Party Girl Plus One: Date 3 - Frequent Flyer

Episode #3. Date 2: Ex'treme Measures

Episode #2. Date 1: Sir Smells A Lot

Episode #1. Party Girl Plus One
Party Girl Plus One
She'll date every guy until she finds her plus one. Follow Jen's dating exploits and mishaps.
Producer 1: Jen Dawson Director: Jen Dawson
Writer: Jen Dawson Actor 1: Jen Dawson

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Star Wars: Pink Five

Harry S. Truman: Samurai Detective

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