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Episode #9. Compulsions- Unleash

Episode #8. Compulsions-Promise Kept

Episode #7. Compulsions- Obsessed with a Crush

Episode #6. Compulsions-Ripen

Episode #5. Compulsions - Only I Can See

Episode #4. Compulsions-Solutions

Episode #3. Compulsions-Fairy Tales

Episode #2. Compulsions-Friends
Compulsions is the internal character story of Mark Sandler (Craig Frank), an admitted Sadist leading a life with a dull desk job. At night, he channels his inner compulsions as a professional interrogator, brutally and psychological extracting bits of crucial information from his "clients". Winner of the Streamy Awards for Best Writer- Bernie Su.
Producer 1: Robert Grand Producer 2: Michael Tohl Director: Nathan Atkinson
Writer: Bernie Su Actor 1: Craig Frank Actor 2: Janna Bossier
  Actor 3: Annemarie Pazmino Actor 4: Seth Caskey

Frontier Guard

Greatest American Hero

Star Wars: Pink Five

Batman Fan Films

BMW Films-The Hire


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