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Episode #1. I'm Too Old for American Idol - Bellylove
I'm Too Old for American Idol - Bellylove
This is a parody of an American Idol audition by Bellylove. Toni is singing outside the Kodak Theater and reacting to our animated "Judge" in the audition room, as he tries to shut her down. Lisa Black is on lead guitar and Michael Des Barres plays the judge. This song is a statement about the mass media trying to dictate to us as a society who should be a "star". Toni's message is to never give up, and to believe in yourself, even if you're too old, too fat, or don't quite fit the "mold".
Producer 1: Kevin Carr Producer 2: Tamara Henry Director: Kevin Carr
Actor 1: Lisa Black, Toni Valenta-Pencille, Clint Davidson, Adam Steinberg, Sheri Weinstein.

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