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Episode #12. We Need Girlfriends-Christmas Bonus

Episode #11. We Need Girlfriends-Goodbye Forever

Episode #10. We Need Girlfriends-Future Rod

Episode #9. We Need Girlfriends-The Morning After

Episode #8. We Need Girlfriends-Future Henry

Episode #7. We Need Girlfriends-The Boyfriend

Episode #6. We Need Girlfriends-Game Night

Episode #5. We Need Girlfriends-First Date Ever

Episode #4. We Need Girlfriends-Rod vs Henry

Episode #3. We Need Girlfriends-My Space

Episode #2. We Need Girlfriends-Blue Party

Episode #1. We Need Girlfriends
We Need Girlfriends
Tom, Henry and Rod lose their girlfriends after college. They move in together and find that dating in New York is not the greatest thing in the world. The solution: Full time girlfriends.
Producer 1: Angel Acevedo Director: Brian Amgot
Writer: Steven Tsapales Actor 1: Patrick Cohen Actor 2: Seth Kirschner
  Actor 3: Evan Bass Actor 4: Olivia Villanti and Antoinette Barenko

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