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Episode #10. Man's Best Friend

Episode #9. A Mother's Love

Episode #8. Parental Units

Episode #7. FLASH

Episode #6. Over Her

Episode #5. BODYFAT

Episode #4. Head Department

Episode #3. Big Mitch

Episode #2. Shannon's Late

Episode #1. Trevor and Heidi and Roger and Sam
In this episode two couples, close friends, watch a provocative French movie featuring partner swapping and orgies. The guys try to talk their girlfriends into trying some of this stuff. At first the girls are appalled, but they are persuaded to go along. The men don’t question their good fortune, as the two girls strip down and throw them onto the bed. But the two women are really out to teach them a lesson. The evening does not go as planned.
Producer 1: Tim Devitt Director: Tim Devitt
Writer: Tim Devitt Actor 1: Sally DiGirolamo Actor 2: Shawn Gnandt
  Actor 3: Rob Norton Actor 4: Jocelyn Saenz

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