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Episode #13. Fangoria Weekend of Horrors

Episode #12. SFN-Lisa Marie, Tracy Lords

Episode #11. SFN-Charmed, Saw, Land of the Lost

Episode #10. SFN-True Blood, TMNT, Sanctuary

Episode #9. SFN-Stan Lee

Episode #8. SFN - Aqualounge

Episode #7. SFN-Elvira

Episode #6. Hollywood Expo

Episode #5. SFN: Legacy Awards

Episode #4. SFN - Dr. Shockers House of Horrors

Episode #3. SFN - ep 3

Episode #2. SFN - ep 2

Episode #1. SFN - ep 1

Episode #0. SFN Promo
SFN: Science Fiction News
SFN Host and actor Jeff Rector interviews Celebrity Guests and covers all aspects of entertainment in the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror. Upcoming shows cover Red Carpet Premiers, fan Conventions and everything that’s hot on television, film and the Internet. New episodes every Thursday at 8:00pm. Watch it if you dare!
Producer 1: Don Black Producer 2: Jeff Rector Director: Jeff Rector/Don Black
Writer: Jeff Rector Actor 1: Jeff Rector-Host Actor 2: Assorted Guests

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