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Episode #16. Squatters-Trailer

Episode #14. Squatters-Finale-Borrowed Goods

Episode #13. Squatters-The Language of Love

Episode #12. Squatters-Party Time

Episode #11. Squatters-Cold Spell

Episode #10. Squatters-Locked Out

Episode #9. Squatters-Commuters

Episode #8. Squatters-A Fresh Pair

Episode #7. Squatters-Rinse & Repeat

Episode #6. Squatters-Three's a Crowd

Episode #5. Squatters-Bartering

Episode #4. Squatters-A Little Irritation

Episode #3. Squatters

Episode #2. Squatters-ep 2

Episode #1. It Starts With A Bet
Hank and Alex are faced with a Rent Increase Notice from their landlord. Instead of paying, they make a bet to see who can last longer without an apartment. Waking up on the subway surrounded by their belongings, Hank and Alex desperately look for a new home. At work, Alex’s Supervisor jokes about “living” at the office while Hank discovers a unique breed of busking.
Producer 1: Frank Kramer Producer 2: Cooper Harris Director: Brendan Bradley
Writer: Brendan Bradley Actor 1: Brendan Bradley Actor 2: Erik Scot Smith
  Actor 3: Sandeep Parikh Actor 4: James David Jackson

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