Two-part. Next episode Tuesday at 8pm.
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Episode #2. Phonees

Episode #1. Phonees
Created by award-winning Cheers, Seinfeld and 3rd Rock From the Sun veteran, ANDY COWAN (who penned the pilot) and co-star, JON PIRINCCI . . .With a cast that includes Danny Woodburn from Seinfeld and several major feature films and Mad TV sensation, JILL-MICHELE MELEÁN. Discover the colorful characters whose livelihoods depend on pitching anything and everything to the masses “lucky” enough to pick up their phones . . .
Producer 1: Andy Cowan Producer 2: Jon Pirincci Director: Jeff Meyer
Writer: Andy Cowan Actor 1: Danny Woodburn Actor 2: Jill-Michele Melean
  Actor 3: Jon Pirincci Actor 4: Dean Larit

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