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Episode #9. Never Kiss A Frog-Frogonista

Episode #8. Never Kiss A Frog-A Toadal Makeover

Episode #7. Never Kiss A Frog- The Uncouth Frog

Episode #6. Never Kiss A Frog-Parlez Vous Frogcais

Episode #5. Never Kiss A Frog-The Godfrogger

Episode #4. Never Kiss A Frog-All-Work-And-No-Play

Episode #3. Never Kiss A Frog-Bad-Kisser

Episode #2. Never Kiss A Frog-Arnold Schwarzenhopper

Episode #1. Never Kiss A Frog-Playing Leap Frog
Never Kiss A Frog
Are you dating a FROG? Find out in this comedy featuring funny dating situations between guys and gals, showing which guys are frogs who will never turn into princes! The series is based on the International best-selling relationship book, NEVER KISS A FROG: A Girl's Guide to Creatures from the Dating Swamp by author Marilyn Anderson
Producer 1: Marilyn Anderson Producer 2: Kaylene Peoples Director: Kaylene Peoples
Writer: Marilyn Anderson Actor 1: Shannon Leigh Actor 2: Emrhys Cooper
  Actor 3: Susie Ruckle Actor 4: Scott Lommel

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