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Episode #10. Customer Diss-Service- ep10

Episode #9. Customer Diss-Service-Lindsay Lohan FanClub

Episode #8. Customer-Diss-Service-Suicide Hotline

Episode #7. Customer Diss-Service-ep7

Episode #6. Customer Diss-Service-Trip to the Bank

Episode #5. Customer Diss-Service-I Got A Guy

Episode #4. Customer Diss-Service-ep4

Episode #3. Customer Diss-Service

Episode #2. Customer Diss-Service ep 2

Episode #1. Customer Diss-Service-Job Opportunity
Customer Diss-Service
Frank & Johnny are roommates. Both are over 40, been living together for nearly 20 years. They both have menial jobs, make just enough money to keep a roof over their heads, and have no real aspirations. When they both find themselves out of jobs and soon to be out on the streets, Frank comes across an ad on the internet about a job. No details are given, but the hiring process is "a piece of cake." The boys quickly find themselves working as customer service reps for a local department store, "Smoking Hot Deals."

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