Frontier- Prelude to Darkness
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Episode #9. Frontier-Chapter 9

Episode #8. Frontier-Chapter 8

Episode #7. Frontier-Chapter 7

Episode #6. Frontier-Chap 6

Episode #5. Frontier-ep5

Episode #4. Frontier-Chapter 4

Episode #3. Frontier-ep 3

Episode #2. Frontier-Chapter 2

Episode #1. Frontier- Prelude to Darkness
Frontier- Prelude to Darkness
In the 23rd century humans have ventured into the stars. Two empires vie for power along the known sectors of the Milky Way - the Terran Imperial Union and the Dakota Republic.
Producer 1: Lewis Roscoe Producer 2: Johnny Voruz Director: Lewis Roscoe
Writer: Lewis Roscoe Actor 1: Lewis Roscoe Actor 2: Malcolm Klassen
  Actor 3: Steve Schnier Actor 4: Mikey Dwyer

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