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Episode #4. Slanted-Action!

Episode #3. Slanted-Doubt This

Episode #2. Slanted-Marty Phister

Episode #1. Slanted-The Beginning
SLANTED takes a satirical look at what it's like to be an Asian American female trying to break into acting. It revolves around the ever tenacious Andrea, an aspiring actress, who must navigate the culturally limited world of Ft. Lauderdale's acting community in the hopes of catching her "big break", so she can finally move to Hollywood and away from her meddling immigrant parents.
Producer 1: Cristina Anderilini Producer 2: Andrea Lwin Director: Cristina Anderlini
Writer: Andrea Lwin & Cristina Anderlini Actor 1: Andrea Lwin Actor 2: Mike Aye Myint
  Actor 3: Kitty Myint

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