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Episode #5. Bad Love-I Want Candy

Episode #4. Badlove-Boob Week

Episode #3. Bad Love-Rock You Like A Hurricane

Episode #2. Badlove-Mission Accomplished

Episode #1. Youth in Asia
Bad Love
Already drunk on their own love for each other, Mike and Valerie decide to take the night further by playing the drinking game they made up called, "Would You Abort Your Baby If ?"... things to look forward to in this episode: drunk couples acting inappropriate, a sweet guy takes off his shirt to win over a girl, a snobby bitch commands attention, debauchery and silliness...
Producer 1: Michael Ashley Producer 2: Valerie Shepherd Director: Tom Flynn
Writer: Michael Ashley & Valerie Shepherd Actor 1: Michael Ashley Actor 2: Valerie Shepherd
  Actor 3: Matt Hirschfeld Actor 4: Mandy Flynn

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