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Episode #6. UFO Extreme

Episode #5. UFO Extreme-Case 101

Episode #4. UFO-Sitings

Episode #3. UFO-Investigation

Episode #2. UFO Extremes-Alien Secrets

Episode #1. UFO Extreme Episode 1
UFO Extreme
UFO Extreme Ep 1 (3:22) Meet the ASI investigation team and learn why they are passionate about capturing UFOs on videotape. We meet Danichi, Sean Crayton, Brandon Scott, Jennifer Patton and Anastasia Davidov. They receive a phone call from an alarmed woman who thinks she may have seen a UFO. The investigators decide to investigate the case and set out for Topanga Canyon, which sets the tone and urgency for the webisode series.
Producer 1: J.J. Barmettler Producer 2: Brandon Scott, Richard Smith Director: J.J. Barmettler
Writer: J.J. Barmettler, Sean Crayton Actor 1: Brandon Scott Actor 2: Sean Crayton
  Actor 3: Danichi Actor 4: Jennifer Patton

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