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Episode #12. Eps 23-24

Episode #11. 24 ep 21-22

Episode #10. 24 ep 19-20

Episode #9. 24 ep 17-18

Episode #8. 24 ep 15-16

Episode #7. 24 ep 13-14

Episode #6. 24 ep 11-12

Episode #5. 24 ep 9-10

Episode #4. 24 ep 7-8

Episode #3. 24 ep 5-6

Episode #2. 24 ep 3-4

Episode #1. 24-ep1-2
In the 12 and a half days since Stack Power went AWOL following the tragic ecoli accident of his former colleague, Curtis Manning, Burbank President Charles Slogan has been impeached for alleged misconduct at the Annual Street Sale and Allison Nailer has replaced him as the city’s first female president. While she attempts to heal a wounded neighborhood with the first annual BBQ for peace and unity, internet chatter of an impending terrorist attack picks up. Although the NWU (Neighborhood Watch Unit) has disbanded, a small few remain and continue to protect the neighborhood covertly. This is just the beginning…of the longest almost half hour of their lives.
Producer 1: Denah Angel, Dan Urbain, Michelle Gritzer Producer 2: Ben Begley, Jerrold Rhee Director: Michelle Gritzer
Writer: Ben Begley Actor 1: Ben Begley Actor 2: Josh Fingerhut
  Actor 3: Patrick Hayle Actor 4: Katie Zeiner

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