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The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros
Alas, Cupid is depressed these days and has been ever since his love, Psyche, ran away with that dermatologist. He goes about his duties with a forlorn mope, all the while hoping that some Egyptian goddess will dance with him at the inter-pantheon mixer, or that a mortal woman will fall for him instead of her dictated match. Tired of Cupid's moping, Eros decides to snap him out of his funk by bolstering his dismal confidence. The plan is simple: take the morose god to a bar, find a mortal woman for him to seduce and remind him that as different as they are these days, time was when there was good reason that they were assumed to be the same deity. Simple enough... right?
Producer 1: Andy Wells Producer 2: Avi Glijansky Director: Avi Glijansky
Writer: Avi Glijansky Actor 1: Jo Bozarth Actor 2: Josh Heine
  Actor 3: Kiera Anderson Actor 4: Phillip Ward

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