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Episode #7. Bad Love-S2-The Engagement

Episode #6. Bad Love-Daddy's Competition

Episode #5. Bad Love-A Father's Love

Episode #4. Bad Love-Reborn Again

Episode #3. Bad Love-Brownies

Episode #2. Bad Love-Vegan Surprise

Episode #1. Bad Love-ep1
Bad Love- Season 2
He's an insensitive jerk. She is a superficial brat. They are Bad Love, a comedy that celebrates the kind of love that exists between two people who live to torture each other and yet, cant stop touching, or more accurately cant stop making out in public.
Producer 1: Michael Ashely Producer 2: Valerie Shepard Director: Tom Flynn
Writer: Michael Ashley and Valerie Shepherd Actor 1: Michael Ashley Actor 2: Valerie Shepherd
  Actor 3: Mike Danner Actor 4: M. Elizabeth Hughes

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