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Episode #12. SYD 2030 - Big Jet Plane

Episode #11. SYD 2030 - This Boy's In Love

Episode #9. SYD 2030 - Chase That Feeling

Episode #8. SYD 2030 - Truly Madly Deeply

Episode #7. SYD 2030 - Need You Tonight

Episode #6. SYD 2030 - Crash and Burn

Episode #5. SYD 2030 - On a Night Like This

Episode #4. SYD 2030 - Hearts a Mess

Episode #3. SYD 2030 - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Episode #2. SYD 2030 - Better The Devil You Know

Episode #1. She Came Back
SYD 2030
Follow the friendships of Australia's hottest web-series SYD2030 where the competition is fierce inside and outside the lecture class, seduction and love know no boundaries and trust and betrayal go hand and hand. So screw calm and get excited and don't be late for your first class.

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