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Episode #5. BLOOOB-Sneak Preview Promo

Episode #4. Blooob-Professor Y

Episode #3. Bloob-Let the Adventures Begin

Episode #2. BLOOOB -Are Your Parents Home

Episode #1. Blooob-My Name is Blooob
BLOOOB is about a cute, "smart-mouthing" Alien, that comes from outer-space to observe and learn about the human race. As his journey on Earth begins, he befriends three young men who not only help him deal and learn with the day to day social struggles, but to also help him escape from "Government Officials" who are after him. BLOOOB is a comedy series that is sure to make you laugh and to hope break any and all stereotypes of Extra Terrestrials.
Producer 1: Tyrone Tann Director: Tyrone Tann
Writer: Tyrone Tann Actor 1: Zane Huett Actor 2: Justin Galluccio
  Actor 3: Tyrone Tann

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