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Episode #2. The Happy Husband
The Happy Husband
In seventeenth century London, the desperate Mr. Pinchwife suspects that his pretty but simple-minded spouse is cheating on him with the dreaded Mr. Horner. Emotions race as he hatches a master plan to undo the devilish affair. But who's outmaneuvering whom? We the audience, at every turn, gain special privilege to the secret 16 Rules of Happy Men ~ all at his expense! Based on a famous British comedy of the Restoration period, "The Happy Husband" tickles the intellect, lavishes the senses, and tells it like it is!
Producer 1: Marc Salgia Producer 2: Tamara Sayiner Director: Marc Salgia
Writer: William Wycherley Actor 1: Marc Salgia Actor 2: Delila Lise

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