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Episode #5. The Mamaluke-ep4

Episode #4. The Mamaluke-ep3

Episode #3. The Mamaluke-ep2

Episode #2. The Mamaluke-ep1

Episode #1. The Mamaluke Teaser
The Mamaluke
A sitcom pilot about a not-so-typical Italian-American family from Brooklyn. Lou, the father, lives his life purporting to be Mafioso, much to the chagrin of his wise-cracking wife, Marie. Toss in two grown, combative children, and a psychotic live-in mother in-law, and you have “agita” smothered in laughs and Parmesan cheese!
Producer 1: Mark Riccardi Producer 2: Exec Prod: Glenn Callahan, Ben Fiore Director: Mark Riccardi
Writer: Rick Bailey, Ben Fiores Actor 1: Johnny Roastbeef Williams Actor 2: Veronica Alicino
  Actor 3: Ron Gilbert

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