Those With Class
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Episode #6. Those With Class - Bridgets Burglar Sucks

Episode #5. Those With Class - Mic Rolled

Episode #4. Those With Class - Prank Day

Episode #3. Those With Class - Bridgets Boyfriend Sucks

Episode #2. Those With Class - Mics Blind Date

Episode #1. Those With Class
Those With Class
Meet the roommates: Mic, Taylor, Josh, and Bridget. It's Mic's birthday, and he's planned a classy soiree for him and his friends. Nothing too crazy, since his parents are coming to the house for brunch the next morning. Or so he thinks, anyway.
Producer 1: Kate Lynn Abigail Producer 2: Ian Rice Director: Brendan Mitchell
Writer: Mac Brown Actor 1: Ian Rice Actor 2: Kate Lynn Abigail
  Actor 3: Kelly Rhone Actor 4: Mac Brown

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