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Dark Nights Time Zone
Dark Nights Time Zone is a Story written by Curtis Henderson. A change in the time zone, planted earth is taken over by Ali-ans to change the zone to a new time zone. In a dark cave town North Louisiana far back in the woods. Natchitoches is going through a mix up of hot to cold, cold to hot, in a mist of a hot fallen star which hits earth thousands of feet deep, which causes earth to erupt, and causes a black out which no man seems to understand. CJ a forty year old man who camps out at a near by camp ground, who later on discovers a big hole in the ground. He falls and slips deep into the mouth of earth. Ali-ans take control of his mind, refuse his spirit, and changes his heart to the new time zone. CJ is used by Ali-ans, starting with Natchitoches, LA. And proceeds with all the other states to change the world to a new time zone. CJ battles to survive, spiritually, and physically, in the face of his twin brother. Ali-ans work through CJ to inexorable to kill his twin, to switch his soul to a new time frame, so that Ali-ans can appear in a human like order. Ali-ans work between two twin brothers to breed monsters, and strange creatures. Natchitoches cops find's PJ his twin brother unconscious behind an old house, he has the same body, but his mind has been reprogrammed to a new time zone, to trick the world to take over all humans and change the world to a new time zone...Twists and turns WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!!
Producer 1: Curtis Henderson Director: Curtis Henderson
Writer: Curtis Henderson Actor 1: Josie Latimer Actor 2: Bob Wilson
  Actor 3: Curtis Henderson Actor 4: Victor Burton

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