Winner of the 2010 STTV Awards for Best Action/Drama and Viewer's Choice Awards - Gary Graham, Best Actor & Mandy May, Best Actress in an Action/Drama
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Episode #8. Trailer

Episode #7. Handcuffed Hope

Episode #3. Dead End City - The Prophet

Episode #2. Dead End City - Rebirth

Episode #1. Dead End City - Episode 1
Dead End City
In Dead End City anything can happen. It's got a touch of everything, noir, mystery and the walking dead.
Director: Jeff Varga
Writer: James Van Fleet, Jim Towns & Jeff Varga Actor 1: Gary Graham Actor 2: Dani Lennon
  Actor 3: Tally Hunkins Actor 4: Mandy May

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ATF: Asian Task Force

30 Seconds From Oblivion

Greatest American Hero

Star Wars: Pink Five

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